Senior Portrait Packages

Sitting Fee                                    $75

You have three options with your senior portrait shoot.  You can either purchase a package, a high resolution CD, or both.

Into Wishin uses a “point system” when deciding on your senior portrait package.  The “point system” allows you to customize your print package exactly as you want.  Some may want lots of wallets to hand out, while others may prefer to use their points to choose larger prints to frame.  A mixture of both is the most common.

All images that are chosen are enhanced and blemishes removed.  You can choose unlimited images in your packages.

100 point package                       $150
150 point package                       $200
200 point package                       $250

Pictures Size        Point Value
Wallets (8)             4 Points
4 x 6                        2 Points
5 x 7                        6 Points
8 x 10                   10 Points
11 x 14                 25 Points
16 x 20                40 Points

If you do not want high resolution images printed, you can purchase a CD of your shoot for $150. You will have all rights to your pictures and will be able to print them any place.


All photographs are the exclusive property of Into Wishin Photography © 2018